The Project

Modern Dolls are a band and studio recording project engineered by Ryan Charles and Loudflower Recordings. Ryan’s been in a few bands over the years and has really enjoyed getting back into the studio to record original rock music with Modern Dolls.

Inspired by 90s Britpop, 60s Psychedelia, shoegaze and indie rock, Modern Dolls creates original music with heavy, layered guitars and prominent vocals. “We’re definitely a guitar band, but not with big complicated lead guitars,” says Ryan. “We have the soul of a garage band.”

The band’s sound is full and uses traditional effects like reverb, delay and compression. “We go for the thick sound you find in brickwall mastering, but we try not to squash the life out of the music.”


Modern Dolls record using Fender Telecaster and Gibson Les Paul guitars, Fender and Hughes & Kettner amplifiers, Rivera attenuators, Wampler and Tech 21 pedals, Cubase DAW, Waves plugins, and “whatever vacuum tube mic-preamps and microphones we can get our hands on.”